By Jill Shue

1- Avoid Mass Announcements.
Invite select patients for select procedures back into the office. Do not send a mass announcement to your patients announcing a reopening date as this will only open the flood gates. Your patients WANT to come in! They have been waiting to either fix the chipped tooth from Day 2 of Quarantine, to reschedule their affected hygiene appointment, etc. Your administrative team will be screening patients, taking temperatures, and catching up on the past two months of schedule and production loss. Your team may not be able to keep up with the demand following a mass announcement. Keep it as a soft reopening, not a grand reopening!

2- Create Your Protocols.
Set your protocols and practice the flow. Discuss possible outcomes and limitations with your team. I cannot say enough how important dry runs are! Your protocols should be clear and direct. Any room for interpretation will cause frustrations and confusion within your team and will transfer to your patients. Your team’s confidence in your protocol will reflect in your patient’s experience and confidence in your team.

3- Prepare Your Mindset.
Amongst all the steps you can do to prepare for your reopening, preparing your mindset is of the utmost importance. Changes are inevitable. Our first set of protocols will likely not be the protocols you end with. You must acknowledge and accept that there will be change. Remain positive and communicate with your team to ensure an optimal outcome in your return.