There is an old song that goes like this, ?sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time?? Although sitting on the dock of the bay relaxing and enjoying the quiet is truly needed in our lives; ?wasting time? is a great way to get stuck in your personal and professional life.

There is a multitude of people who talk about moving forward, desiring to act upon their goals, but never get there because they are stuck sitting on the dock, and wasting a lot of time.

1. Consider your schedule: Are you busy reacting to busy-work, or are you productive with goal accomplishment?

2. Evaluate your need for dock-time are you using too much of it to avoid feeling overwhelmed and therefore creating laziness and feelings of imposter syndrome?

3. Create active daily and weekly goals and be accountable for them. Write them down to ensure better successful outcomes.

Organize your schedule into time periods of accomplishments, allowing for achievement and relaxation. There are several great resources out there to help you begin a life of productive habits. A couple of my personal favorites: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and Train your Brain for Success by Roger Seip (particularly the 2-hour solution section).
Now go! Get off the dock!