By Corinne Jameson-Kuehl

From time to time I am contacted by someone that states that the completion of Disc and Driving Forces Assessments has created fear and worry due to how they must look in the eyes of an employer or manager. Be assured that there is no reason for anxiety. These are simply informational tools to understand the how and the why of the one completing the assessment. Depending on the assessment, it may not take an Emotional Intelligence journey such as Self Awareness into account. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Take the time to look through the results, highlight and circle things that you feel are accurate. Likewise, mark statements you don’t agree with or see as inaccurate. ?Have a trusted person read results as well.

2. The intensity of traits is simply different for each person. Look at the % on the graphs to gauge intensity versus stating stereotypical phrases.

3. Consider background values such as faith-based and faith-driven values.

4. Acknowledge outside influences that are occurring or previous traumas such as death, divorce, and significant illness.

When utilized properly, assessments provide a better understanding of ourselves, therefore creating more peace within both our public and private relationships. The value of having proper training and understanding upon completion is clear, as it avoids unnecessary stress and self-judgment. Most importantly, remember that there is no right or wrong, or pass or fail when taking a DISC or Driving Forces assessment. Assessments that are effectively explained simply provide us with tools to be our best selves.