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Patient-Centric Dentistry: Beyond Insurance – 2 CEU

Customer Centric Dentistry

Course Description:

In this transformative course, we delve into the art of crafting exceptional patient experiences right from the initial contact. Our compass points toward patient well-being, transcending financial concerns while seamlessly blending empathetic communication and unwavering professionalism. We equip your team to convey treatment value, fostering trust and ethical decision-making. Discover the liberating path of independence from insurance contracts while retaining loyal patients. Together, we create a dental practice where care reigns supreme, leaving paperwork in the shadows.




Course Objectives:

• Design the patient experience focused on your practice mission and core values.
• Educate the team to prioritize patient well-being over financial concerns.
• Equip the team with effective communication skills for patient conversations.
• Discover the value of being unrestricted by insurance contracts.
• Retaining patients while maintaining insurance independence