Dental Business Solutions

Comprehensive Support

We offer in-office training and solutions to help your practice improve its performance. Our in-office assistance methods include:


With our SOS assistance, we’ll help you clean up existing business solution concerns. This might include aging reports, insurance concerns, or practice spending and overhead. This is also helpful to address a sudden departure of a long-term team member. SOS is an all-encompassing system of checks and balances. It’s ideal for helping you answer those big, hard-to-formulate questions.


Our team offers training for your new hires in your own office. We can help your new hires learn the ropes and begin their journey of emulating your practice’s goals and mission. Physically being in your office setting allows us to effectively train team members using your software to its fullest potential, as well as the opportunity to teach scheduling techniques, insurance management, clinical flow, and the implementation of protocols and systems.


After training, Custom Dental Solutions will offer full assistance and support to your team to ensure your operations continue to run smoothly. After implementation and training, we will be available for assistance by phone or email to answer any questions and continue to analyze your results.

Continuing Education

Our certified instructors can provide CE courses for you and your team. We have a wide range of topics that will help your office stay up to date with the latest trends in dentistry. We offer both in-office courses and webinars for your convenience. Visit our course offerings page to learn more.

To get started on the path to managing a more efficient office, complete our questionnaires below. This will give us a great place to start our conversation.

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