KPI Dental Practice

Unlocking Success with KPIs: A Guide for Dental Practice Owners

By Katie Lopata


As dental practice owners and leaders, you strive for success every day.  The definition of success varies from practice to practice and even day to day  – but ultimately, you cannot reach your goals without meeting that standard of success that you have set for yourself and your team.  One of the vital components to reaching success is tracking the individual pieces of your practice that lead you there.  These components are called “KPI’s” – Key Performance Indicators.   In a successful practice, there are three pieces to KPI’s


  • Determining what drives your practice and setting the metrics

  • Sharing with your team their role in achieving the KPI’s

  • Holding yourself and your team accountable


To determine what drives your practice, you must take a deep dive into numbers.  Ask yourself, is the story that my numbers tell the story that my beliefs are built upon?  Where is the practice excelling and where is there room to improve and grow?  Each department within the practice has its areas in which KPI’s can be set – and each should be carefully evaluated.


Once the KPI’s have been identified you must share them with your team.  The team needs to understand your definition of success and what measurable and actionable items will be evaluated to get there.   Schedule an initial team meeting to share the KPI’s, the data used, and how it will be tracked.  Transparency ensures everyone on the team is aligned and working in the same direction.   Every team member should understand the role they play in achieving the KPI’s.


Accountability is the final and arguably, most important piece of the process.  Even with the most specific, goal-orientated KPIs and the clearest communication with the team without accountability – your practice cannot be truly successful.  KPI’s should be evaluated and discussed regularly.  Updates should be given during all team meetings, department meetings, and one-on-ones.  This time can be used to calibrate as a team to direct focus where the practice may be falling short and celebrate the success of where excellence is being achieved.


KPI’s are a valuable part of any successful dental practice.  As you continue your journey to the next level of success for your team and your practice be sure to include KPI’s in your process. Need help getting started? Contact Us today.


At Custom Dental Solutions, we believe that data-driven decisions are the cornerstone of a thriving dental practice. Implementing a KPI-focused approach has not only streamlined our operations but also enhanced the quality of care we provide. By consistently monitoring and analyzing key performance indicators, we help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your business goals.

Katie’s passion for creating a positive team culture drives her motivation to help teams be the best they can be not only for each other but for their patients. She has demonstrated success in developing and implementing policies and procedures related to AR management, insurance and billing, employee retention, patient satisfaction, and general business development. She is looking forward to applying her passion for success, leadership, and growth to help our clients advance their dental practices to the next level.

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