Are you giving off a “tired and irritable vibe”?  Are you noticing the team feeling the effects of the post pandemic pace of having patients treated at crazy warped speed that hasn’t stopped? Or perhaps you’re feeling the stress of working “short” with a couple ideal roles on the team not filled at this time.

How do we process through the temporary situation of stress in the dental office?  It’s time to remember why we chose this profession and return to the joy to serve the oral health needs of patients.  It is also time to have the conversation on how we as the dental team can be mentally healthy in our dental offices.

I want to encourage you to partner up and ask your partner the following 10 questions and be prepared to share at your next office meeting.

  1. What else is getting your attention besides this job?
  2. What would be ideal for you so you could be more present here?
  3. What opportunity do you have with your co-worker to show more support?
  4. Who do you want to be in this role?
  5. Do you too much is being asked of you and how?
  6. What are some “wins” we have had this week?
  7. What are some “challenges” we have faced as a team and how have we overcome or how can we overcome them?
  8. What do you want out of your role here?
  9. What action are you taking to grow here?
  10. How can I hold you accountable for _______________?

Need assistance?  Let us help with this process.