Everyone’s schedules are over capacity and the reality of patients being moved months out is sadly our new standard of care due to continued team changes.


If you have the same complete team you had before the Pandemic, you are one of the unusual practices who haven’t experienced employment changes. For most practices it is becoming the norm to work with less team members or to close hours due to a dedicated team able to commit to the hours the practice needs.  


How long is it sustainable to have shortage of providers and team members and lower insurance reimbursements? Don’t give up! 


Here are some things you can start TODAY. 


    • Evaluate your fees and insurance plans. When was your last fee increase? Can you request a fee review? What insurance plans can be negotiated? Should your network status change with some insurance carriers?

    • Need to add to the team? Look at other dental practice ads in your area. What do you offer that they do not? How can you best showcase your culture in the job posting? What sets you apart?


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