The holidays are here, and it means it is time to encourage one another with celebration and cheer!  I have a few guidelines and suggestions for you to make this year the best year yet for your dental team!

Please make time to schedule a celebration. Yes, there are many family, church, and community events, and often employees do not want to schedule time “outside the office” but find a common time when all team members can attend. It is so important as a team to break from the day-to-day busy routine of treating patients to simply enjoy each other.  I caution you to have a few “rules” to ensure that the celebration clarity is understood and upheld by all.

Here are some guidelines to consider:

      • Who is invited?  Are spouses and/or partners?
      • If the party is inside business hours, employees must be paid their normal hourly wage.  If the event is outside of business hours, the employee has a right to decline to attend.
      • Is there alcohol being served?  What is the expected limit for each person and are there safety measures in place for transportation?

As you know, it is still a challenging climate to hire, so this season is one to really showcase the culture of your practice! According to a recent 2022 Culture Assessment Gallup Poll, 51% of employees are actively looking for or watching new job postings.

This holiday season is a great time to “shore up” the cultural goals you want for the environment of your practice.  Don’t use the season to be a grinch!  The 2 biggest reasons employees leave their roles are because they don’t feel appreciated or feel appropriately compensated.

Here are some great ideas to show your team this season how much they mean to the office!

Schedule a time for the team to participate in an experience together.

  • Rent a roller rink and have a ton of fun skating and laughing!
  • When was the last time you played any games?  There are several businesses that host game show themes, go-karts, and large versions of board games.
  • Share a meal where fun gifts are exchanged.
  • Create together, such as painting and developing an aroma, or a scent at a Fragrance Bar.
  • Scavenger Hunt around your town.  Local businesses enjoy being part of the fun! Plus, it’s great marketing for your business.
  • Take a tour of somewhere interesting and historic in your community. Learning together brings bonding.
  • If your group is strong in their giving value, find a charity to embrace together this season.

Christmas bonuses should be personalized and not just the same old check… this culture wants to feel that they are a part of a bigger mission and vision.  I challenge you to add a personal touch to the Christmas bonus.

  • Give cash to each team member to be used for something specific such as a massage, a new outfit, or amazing new jewelry.
  • Write a note along with the check highlighting some of the appreciation you feel from the year.
  • Along with the holiday bonus, provide a matching donation to the charity of that employee’s choice.


I trust this holiday season you make the time to celebrate as a dental team, thoroughly enjoying one another and finding joy in being generous as a group!  It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the festive experience.  As always, I am here to help you create an amazing experience for your dental team!