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Custom Dental Solutions
Empowering Dental Practices through Innovative Solutions

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Custom Dental Solutions
Empowering Dental Practices through Innovative Solutions

Our highly skilled team will take the time to understand what you, the business owner, want to accomplish! We can help implement systems to achieve your goals, train the best team for your practice philosophy, and provide support as your business grows.

We offer a variety of hourly rate packages to ensure our specific assistance fits your needs and gets your business on the fast track to success!

What makes Custom Dental Solutions different from other consulting firms?

We pride ourselves in customizing solutions for your practice based on your philosophy and your and your team members' individual needs. We do not believe every practice is the same; therefore, each practice should have its own solutions, not a cookie-cutter solution out of a book.

We get to know you, your team, and your practice and make suggestions to co-create the solutions together at a pace that is comfortable for you.

How do I get started?

To begin, we start with a complimentary phone consultation.

We talk about what your goals are and the vision you have for your practice and your team. Once we understand your goals, our team will come to your office for an in-office practice analysis where we get to see you in action!

We meet and interact with the team in their environment during business hours. Our team will also perform a comprehensive analysis of your practice's financial and patient care trends.

You will receive a full report of the analysis and will have the opportunity to review our team's recommendations and proposal for moving forward. Our proposals are customized based on the recommendations reviewed with you, the owner.

I'm buying a new practice, where do I start and when should I contact you?

Congratulations on becoming a practice owner! Our team loves to assist with transitions and working closely with you and your purchasing team?

In most transitions, our team gets involved 90 days or more prior to the sale. This timeline allows our team to assist you in team transitions, insurance credentialing and fee negotiations, software/program selections, etc.

While we love coming on board prior to the sale, we assist in any stage of the transition, from the day of purchase to years after purchase. We are here to support you when you're ready!

I'm a team member, what does training look like?

Our relationship starts in your practice.

Our team spends time with you during your workday, experiencing your daily tasks and interactions.

Together, we will review potential solutions for concerns you may have -- from team communication to scheduling needs, to implementing your perio protocol, our team is here to support you through the changes? Our goal is to support you and provide you the tools you need to do your job effectively and renew your passion for your work!

What makes you the expert?

Our team is composed of experts within their field of our industry: from hygienists to office managers, our team has the knowledge and experience to share with your practice to ensure your practice's success.

We pride ourselves on our background and the experiences we bring to the table. We've been in your shoes and understand how a dental practice runs. Our expertise and knowledge allow our team to be your partners in achieving your ideal practice goals.

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Custom Dental Solutions
Dental Practice Business Solution

Julie, Insurance Coordinator

We appreciate how available Corey and her team are for us when we have coding and billing questions.

Shelly, RDH

Very informative presentation; really enjoyed Corinne’s enthusiasm, and her desire to strengthen me as a clinical provider.

David Valdi, DDS

Our office used Corey’s concepts to set up better systems in the hygiene department. Our hygienists were excited to work with her to learn the business side, without compromising their value of patient care.

Melissa T.

It was a pleasure to meet you in person and to help our office implement an Oral Cancer screening protocol. You are a great speaker, and an expert in your field! Thank you!

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Custom Dental Solutions
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