by Jill Meyer-Lippert, RDHAt Custom Dental Solutions, we take pride in helping offices to successfully accomplish goals according to their unique needs; Achieving success your way. As practitioners, it’s important to take the same approach with our patients. Just as we would not provide treatment recommendations in a one size fits all philosophy, many of the same considerations must be applied to product recommendations.

Your guidance is needed.

One product or line of products will not be the best choice for everyone. Without guidance, our patients will undoubtedly be swayed purely by habit, advertisements, or cost, whether it’s an appropriate choice for them or not. Our patients are too often lured into the fashion over function? trap.

Do no harm.

We owe it to our patients to recognize the unique challenges that they may face. For example, issues such as tooth sensitivity or recurrent aphthous ulcers can be aggravated by certain ingredients. Consider medical conditions or medications that result in oral side effects, such as a dry mouth. Is this product simply going to mask the issue or provide therapeutic relief while protecting long-term oral health?

Staying consistent.

Will patients receive completely different recommendations in your office depending on which staff member is asked? Our team members doing their homework or are they making recommendations that are swayed by influencers and name recognition? Staying up to date on newly released products, along with changes in names, packaging and formulations is a daunting task.

A team approach is the most practical solution to staying abreast. Designating a few minutes for product and technology updates at each staff meeting provides a valuable opportunity for discussion on studies and new trends. Team members are more likely to invest time and effort into researching new and existing options if the value for their input is demonstrated. Inviting product reps for Lunch And Learns is also a great way to keep everyone informed and on the same page.