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What’s Right for My Team?

 Written by Jill Shue

Often, we see owners discouraged and frustrated in the results of their team’s training – and you’re not alone. Your team is also discouraged and frustrated! Why is everyone having these dispirited feelings? What can we do differently to breed more energy and passion within our industry? 

It’s not that your team doesn’t want to learn or that your owner doesn’t wish to invest in your training. It’s a difference in communication. Your team or you, as the owner, may simply need a different style of learning. Just as we all have different communication styles, we all learn differently. 

In the era of COVID, we became very accustomed to remote learning and remote communications. In fact, we became so accustomed to this type of hands-off learning that it became the new norm and we found “bargain” versions of training and learning for ourselves and our teams. BUT is the training successful or are people simply “showing up to get credit” while not applying what was taught? 

The challenges of remote training include: lack of connection, lack of customization/application, and lack of passion and desire for more – not to mention the temptation to multitask or to zone out while planning what’s for dinner. Remote learning is great in some situations and for some personalities; however, there are many times when it’s simply not the time.

When bringing in a new team member or implementing a new system or software, remote training does not provide the support you or your team needs. These changes call for support and understanding only a dedicated trainer can provide. When you can have a trainer sitting side by side (or via a live dedicated Zoom session) with you to train your systems and your philosophy – this is when you see results, you see the buy-in and desire for growth.

Some may think remote training will result in a more efficient training as it is literally timed; however, I would argue differently. Face-to-face training has less distractions and provides for a higher engagement by allowing for questions and encourages a desire for a deeper understanding. Further, the presence of social interaction will increase your team’s motivation. With motivation comes a higher resiliency and discipline – all great qualities we want in our teams. The engagement and success we see in teams we train 1:1 is considerable compared to those we provide a recorded webinar to.

While live, customized training may cost more initially, the long term gain is significant. The result with proper training investment is loyal employees with a mindset of growth and collaboration.

You’ve already taken a step in the right direction by choosing to invest in your team’s training and development. Take the investment to the highest degree by learning about your team’s learning differences and preferences. What works for you, may not work for everyone.

So ask yourself, “‘What will I do differently when I choose to invest in my team?”