By Laura Barnes, Transitions Management Coach

Does it ever feel like you are trying your best, but are in a continuous loop of the same results? The competition always seems to be more innovative or have more financial resources? If so, it’s time to upset the apple cart!

Most dental offices strive to provide exceptional care for their patients as part of their philosophy but operate on auto-pilot once the practice is well-established. One common thread of discussion among all practices revolves around how to find new patients and attract them. However, the real question is how to keep them engaged, but even better, be a spokesperson for your practice. Consider this a friend asks about a recommendation to see a newly released movie you don’t recommend a movie that you like, you recommend a movie that you LOVE! Be the dentist your patients’ LOVE!

The solution is to design their experience with your office for emotion, not experience. ?As dentists and teams, we usually focus on the systems and procedures to provide excellent care. While these are important and the cornerstone for success, sometimes we forget that a patient is a person- ?a person that wants to connect with us on a personal level. It should be our goal to help them feel comfortable and connected with us?.to pleasantly surprise them by hosting a (mini) surprise birthday celebration for them, mailing a handwritten note, or remembering to inquire about a new grandchild. ?These efforts do not need to be expensive the goal is to out-think the competition, not out-spend. The most memorable moments center around how you make your patients feel!

What do YOU do to create a WOW experience for your patients that gets them talking about you and your team to their friends, family, and colleagues? How do you challenge the status quo and upset the apple cart?